2020 BUKC Season – Buckmore Park

The ever popular Buckmore Park played host to the second meeting of the 2020 British Universities Karting championship with varying conditions testing the skills and talents of all drivers involved. Buckmore Park also saw a different format with both rounds being run under the sprint format, temporarily ending the endurance format which will return for … More 2020 BUKC Season – Buckmore Park

Being Straight Edge

This is something I wouldn’t normally talk about because it’s not that much of a big deal, but it’s a significant enough milestone that warrants a post. This month marks 10 years since my last alcoholic drink and effectively becoming straight-edge. To make it clear, I was never really a drinker in the first place. … More Being Straight Edge

2019 BUKC Season – One Of Huddersfield’s Finest Moments

On the 22nd and 23rd of June earlier this year, I took part in my second ever 24 hour race, once again at the Teesside Autodrome, and once again with the Huddersfield crew. Two teams were entered by Huddersfield this time around unlike the single from last year; the first of which, My Heart Will … More 2019 BUKC Season – One Of Huddersfield’s Finest Moments