Music-related update number 3

Time for another music-related update, the third one in fact. It was just over a year ago when I posted one of these updates, and at the time, I was entering my third and final year of university. Now that I’ve graduated with a 2:1 in Music Journalism, I can focus a bit more of my efforts towards my music.

The number of bands I am in hasn’t changed since a year ago, and the most active one at the moment appears to be Ghostwriters, with Echoviolet coming a close 2nd. Concentrating on the former, our highlights include performing at the O2 Academy in Leeds as part of the Soundwaves competition and winning a Battle of the Bands contest to open for US rock legends Puddle of Mudd at the Trash venue.

In all honesty, we didn’t enjoy the Soundwaves experience. We found the constant barrage of messages and emails extremely intrusive and disruptive, and we felt it became a very clinical and somewhat soulless process. This was what probably spurred us on to put on a very energetic and lively show for the audience, and this led to our disqualification from the results (probably the first act in the history of Soundwaves).

We had consistently teased of something I was going to do immediately after the performance, but nobody knew about it except for a few of our loyal fans. Although there was a bit of a gap between the stage and the audience, I manage to execute a successful crowdsurf. The result was that I was ushered out of the venue having been described as a major health and safety hazard. My brother had to get my equipment back to me.

Trying to get me back in led to a security guard getting very aggressive with some of our fans. Apparently, they threw Papa Roach out for the exact same reason when they performed at the O2 Academy. However, that entire gig was filmed by an audience member and put on YouTube, and at no point do any of the band members crowdsurf or get kicked out… Anyway, we were thankful we didn’t make the final as it clashed with a gig we did in Elland.

Trash was a much more positive experience. We entered a Battle of the Bands contest where the winner would open for Puddle of Mudd, and we managed to win (no crowdsurfing this time!). The actual gig a few days later took place on a very hot evening. Even in shorts, I was dripping! But it was very gratifying to have people who have never heard of us before coming up to compliment our performance. As for Puddle of Mudd, they were class. We will be returning to the venue to perform a Halloween-themed evening on the 26th of October as part of the ‘High Life’ tour to promote our newest single once it’s released. This will include our first venture outside of Yorkshire.

Ghostwriters Live @ Trash – 20/07/19

Ghostwriters High Life Tour

11th of October – 360 Club (Leeds)

26th of October – Trash (Bradford)

11th of November – Night and Day (Manchester)

16th of November – Santiago Bar (Leeds)

So onto Echoviolet, and we also recently entered a music competition, this time for the Bingley Weekender which replaced the popular Bingley Music Live. The heat we performed in was actually our first ever gig which was at the Exchange in Keighley, and it seemed to go O.K. We didn’t have particularly high expectations as we just wanted to get used to performing in front of an audience, not much of a problem for me, but Whiteley found the experience as the lead singer particularly daunting. We actually managed to get through to the final where we once again performed at the Exchange, and although we didn’t win, we still enjoyed it.

Echoviolet Live @ Exchange – 26/07/19

More recently, we went to Penistone Hill near Stanbury reservoir with the intention of filming footage of us performing at a secluded part of the country. This will eventually become a music video for Hint, and at around the same time, we will be releasing a song called Why Can’t I? We’ve played this a few times live although at the time, it was known as Orange Cream, randomly named because Whiteley and Rowan were thinking of names for the song and spotted a packet of Fry’s Orange Creams on the coffee table. Our next gig is on the 9th of November at Studio Five, Jam on Top, Keighley.

Upcoming Echoviolet Gigs

9th of November – Studio Five, Jam on Top (Keighley)

By comparison, the band formerly known as TOH! has been somewhat quiet. For the most part, we have just been fine-tuning our songs to make them sound as good as we can make them, but we have written a very interesting instrumental called ‘Fugitive’ that will be included on our upcoming album. The most significant development of this band is that my partner, Laura, will be our drummer. She occasionally drums for the concert band she is in ‘Hot Aire’, and she is determined to broaden her horizon and become the best drummer she can be, and this band with its highly technical music will be a good way for her to develop her skills.

As for Start The Virago, watch this space…

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